Editor’s Note: The MULS Sports Law Society (SLS) Blog is pleased to welcome 3L Jill Ingels. Jill, an SLS member, is the Editor-in-Chief of the Marquette Sports Law Review and also a National Sports Law Institute Certificate Candidate. 

The Marquette Sports Law Review is published bi-annually by second- and third-year law students at Marquette University Law School.  The entire editorial board, and most general members, are also candidates for the National Sports Law Institute’s Sports Law certificate, hoping to break into the sports law industry at some point in their legal careers.

The Review’s most recent issue was a symposium dedicated to the changing landscape of collegiate athletics. Encompassing almost 600 pages, the issue is full of Articles, a Comment, and a Report all focused on current topics affecting collegiate athletics such as social media, First Amendment issues, Title IX, gender equality, antitrust matters, and student-athlete compensation.

Next month, on Friday, October 21, the National Sports Law Institute, which is housed at Marquette University Law School, is hosting its annual Fall Conference. This year’s conference is titled “The Changing Landscape of Collegiate Athletics: Legal and Business Issues,” maintaining the same theme as the Review’s symposium issue.  The speakers include compliance directors, NCAA staff, Title IX coordinators, professors, attorneys, general counsel, faculty athletics representatives, and more.

As Editor-in-Chief of Volume 27 of the Marquette Sports Law Review, I am very excited about our Fall issue.  Due out in January 2017, this issue focuses on a variety of sports law-related issues from the Olympics to intellectual property.  In this issue, we are fortunate enough to not only have Articles and Comments, but also a Book Review and two International Sports Perspective pieces.

The Fall issue, which is Volume 27 Issue 2, will feature the following scholarship:

  • Bennett Liebman, Pari-Mutuels: What Do They Mean and What Is at Stake in the 21st Century?
  • Andrew Rissler, Fair Use of Foul Balls: Major League Baseball Advanced Media and Its Counterproductive Takedown Notices to Fans
  • Daniel Fiorenza, Blacklisted: Safe Sport’s Disciplinary Policy Restrains a Coach’s Livelihood
  • Satchit Bhogle, Amenability of Indian Domestic Sports Governing Bodies to Judicial Review
  • Ignatius Michael D. Ingles, Philippine Sports Torts: Adopting a Standard of Care for Sports Competitions and Establishing Vicarious Liability for Professional Coaches
  • Russ VerSteeg, Book Review of Louis H. Schiff & Robert M. Jarvis’s Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials (2016 Carolina Academic Press)
  • Jill K. Ingels, Comment, Do Not Pass Go and Do Not Collect $200: Nike’s Monopoly on USATF Violates Antitrust Laws and Prevents Athletes from Living at Park Place
  • Katelynn Hill, Comment, Ambush Marketing: Is It Deceitful or a Probable Strategic Tactic in the Olympic Games
  • Nick Overbay, Comment, A Uniform Application of the Jock Tax: The Need for Congressional Action

I am also happy to announce that one of the Articles and one of the Comments being published are award winners. Andrew Rissler’s Article won the 2016 Anne Wall Brand Protection Student Writing Competition Award while I won the 2016 Comment Competition Award.  Marquette University Law School’s Sports Law program is dedicated to fostering students’ education of sports law-related topics and these writing competitions are just a few of the ways that the program does so.

If you are interested in reading the Review’s publications, they are available on our online repository, available here.  You may also sign up to receive individual issues of the Review here. Any questions or comments about the Review can be directed to me, Jill Ingels, at jill.ingels@marquette.edu.